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Last updated: 23 September 2022 was founded by the late David Cohen in 1994 as the online presence of Cohen Immigration Law. Since then, CanadaVisa has become the world's leading private sector resource on Canadian immigration. The free information and tools available on CanadaVisa are meant to help people around the globe move to Canada, as well as settle and integrate here. CanadaVisa is regularly updated by a team of immigration lawyers, marketers, journalists, and researchers. 

Kareem El-Assal

Kareem El-Assal is the Managing Editor of CanadaVisa. Kareem has written over 500 publications on Canadian immigration. His research has been cited by the likes of Canada's immigration minister, the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Statistics Canada, and the OECD.

Edana Robitaille

edana robitaille photo

Edana Robitaille is a Content Writer at CanadaVisa. Edana is a trained journalist and content specialist with a passion for travel and international development.

Vimal Sivakumar

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Vimal Sivakumar is a Content Writer at CanadaVisa. He has worked as a copywriter and content creator in a variety of industries - from local business and sports to financial education - since 2018 before joining CanadaVisa in 2022.

Asheesh Moosapeta

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Asheesh Moosapeta is a Content Writer at CanadaVisa. Originally with a background producing for radio and social media, Asheesh joined CIC News and CanadaVisa with the same passion to deliver value-add content to audiences, and serve them through media at the highest level possible.

Attorney Daniel Levy

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Daniel Levy is a Senior Attorney at Cohen Immigration Law. Daniel has worked at Cohen Immigration Law for over 10 years and specializes in work permits, business immigration, inadmissibility, and citizenship.

Attorney Kara Crudo

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Kara Crudo is a Senior Attorney at Cohen Immigration Law. During her career at Cohen Immigration Law, she has specialized in a number of areas such as international students and family class immigration.

Attorney Gabriel Dumitrascu

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Gabriel Dumitrascu is a Senior Attorney at Cohen Immigration Law. Gabriel specializes in economic class immigration, study permits, and family reunification.

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