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CanadaVisa brings you the latest information about immigration to Canada, including Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, family sponsorship, and study and work permits.

Employment prospects improving across Canada

 the CanadaVisa Team     23 July 2010

Employment prospects have improved in areas across most of Canada, but in the short term the chances of finding a job aren’t quite as promising in some of Canada’s largest cities.

Recent changes to Canadian visa rules facilitate mobility of students and business people of Saudi Arabia

 the CanadaVisa Team     19 July 2010

With recent changes to visa rules, Saudi nationals can now get five-year multiple-entry temporary resident visas to enter Canada. The changes facilitate the movement of students and business people between Saudi Arabia and Canada.

Foreign investors have strong interest in Canada

 the CanadaVisa Team     16 July 2010

Canada’s strong growth prospects and superior economic position have created a favourable foreign investment climate. Canada’s pragmatic approach to economic management—strict banking regulations, stable banking system, low debt ratio, and economic immigration—has created a safe place to invest. Canada was better prepared than any other developed nation to weather the effects of the global recession.

Canada proves commitment to relief efforts for Haiti

 the CanadaVisa Team     13 July 2010

Six months have passed since an earthquake devastated the country of Haiti. To date, Canada has spent $150 million to support humanitarian and recovery efforts by providing shelters, removing rubble, and leading water and sanitation projects and child protection initiatives. Canada has pledged more than $1 billion to long-term re-building efforts. Additionally, the Canadian government is very quickly processing applications by Haitians to be re-united with their families in Canada.

Canada's economy added 93,000 jobs in June

 the CanadaVisa Team     09 July 2010

Statistics Canada reports the Canadian economy added 93,200 jobs in June. Almost all of the jobs added are in Ontario (+60,000) and Quebec (+30,000). The large number of jobs added dropped Canada's unemployment rate to 7.9%. The current unemployment rate in the US is 9.5%. The statistic indicates the strength of the domestic economy in Canada.

Immigration policies could prevent labour shortages, negative economic impacts

 the CanadaVisa Team     08 July 2010

A new report from the Conference Board of Canada recommends that Canadian immigration policies should continue to evolve to prevent labour shortages that could stunt future economic growth. To accomplish this, the report states that Canadian immigration policy should place more importance on the skills of prospective immigrants and whether they match Canada's labour needs. This will be increasingly important because steady job growth tends to be the norm in Canada and Canada’s large baby-boomer generation is approaching retirement age.

Celebrating Canada’s 143rd Birthday

 the CanadaVisa Team     01 July 2010

Today, Canada celebrates its 143rd birthday. As people all across the country celebrate Canada, we pause to reflect on what makes Canada worthy of celebration. Canadians have long considered themselves a multicultural success story. “The world seems to agree,” says Andrew Cohen, the President of the Historica-Dominion Institute.

Changes announced concerning the Federal Skilled Worker program

 the CanadaVisa Team     29 June 2010

Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced on June 26, 2010, that the Government of Canada has amended its current immigration procedures to further reduce the Federal Skilled Worker application backlog and put an even greater emphasis on economic recovery. The changes,effective immediately, include:

1) a change in the occupations that are currently ‘open’ under this program,
2) a change in the documentation required for an application under this program, and
3) the creation of a limit on the number of applications which will be considered by Visa Offices.

These changes do not affect any applications received at the Central Intake Office before June 26, 2010.

Canada leads the world in economic recovery, offers best investment conditions

 the CanadaVisa Team     23 June 2010

“Canada is leading the world in the global economic recovery,” said Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty. A report released yesterday highlights Canada’s strong economy, sound fiscal position, and favourable foreign investment conditions.

Canadian immigration visa processing times have been cut in half since 2005

 the CanadaVisa Team     22 June 2010

From 2005 and 2009, the average overall processing time for Canadian immigration applications decreased to 26 months from 50 months. A recent analysis has found this improvement is linked to legislation introduced in 2008 which fast-tracked applications by skilled-workers such as registered nurses, crane operators, financial auditors, construction managers and 34 other qualifying occupations for the Federal Skilled Worker Category. The approximate processing time now for a skilled worker application is seven months, which represents a drastic reduction since previously the overall processing time could take up to five years.