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CanadaVisa brings you the latest information about immigration to Canada, including Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, family sponsorship, and study and work permits.

Canadian immigration procedures being reviewed

 the CanadaVisa Team     17 March 2010

On Tuesday, Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced that the Canadian government has begun the process of reviewing current Canadian immigration procedures, with a view to further streamlining application processing under the Federal Skilled Worker category.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada to streamline language proficiency assessment

 the CanadaVisa Team     10 March 2010

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney announced today that the Canadian government will reduce application processing delays by streamlining language proficiency assessment for Federal Skilled Worker and Canadian Experience Class applications.

Canada becoming more diverse

 the CanadaVisa Team     09 March 2010

Statistics Canada (StatsCan) released a report today that projects that by 2031, almost a third of the country’s population will be foreign-born.

Conference in Waterloo, Ontario provides foreign-trained professionals with guidance

 the CanadaVisa Team     04 March 2010

Earlier today, a conference was held in the Waterloo, Ontario region in order to help Internationally-Educated Professionals (IEPs) enhance their skills and learn how to build a professional network in Canada.

Canadian government announces expanded resources for immigrants

 the CanadaVisa Team     01 March 2010

Citizenship and Immigration Canada announced today the expansion of their online resource for newcomers that will enable them to locate government services easily.

New Brunswick to eliminate wait times for healthcare coverage for newcomers

 the CanadaVisa Team     26 February 2010

New Brunswick Health Minister Mary Schryer announced today that immigrants will no longer have to wait three months after moving to the province to become eligible for provincial healthcare coverage.

Kingston, Ontario unveils new immigration and settlement web portal

 the CanadaVisa Team     24 February 2010

Yesterday, the city of Kingston in Ontario announced the introduction of a new web portal aimed at attracting new immigrants to the city.

Saskatchewan expects to see more growth and welcome more immigrants in 2010

 the CanadaVisa Team     22 February 2010

The Conference Board of Canada is predicting that Saskatchewan will experience a two and a half per cent growth in GDP in 2010. In addition, the province expects to welcome more immigrants this year thanks to its popular Provincial Nominee Program.

Ontario introduces new bursary program for immigrants

 the CanadaVisa Team     19 February 2010

The government of Ontario is introducing a new pilot project that will help more than 1,800 immigrants get local training in their professional fields.

Government expands foreign credential recognition program

 the CanadaVisa Team     18 February 2010

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Canada Minister Jason Kenney announced today that the Canadian government is expanding the Canadian Immigration Integration Project (CIIP) by providing more funding for existing services and setting up another office in London, United Kingdom by the fall of 2011.