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CanadaVisa brings you the latest information about immigration to Canada, including Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, family sponsorship, and study and work permits.

Faster Canadian immigration processing times with new submission procedures

 the CanadaVisa Team     22 December 2008

With the goal of processing new Federal Skilled Worker applications within six to 12 months, Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Canada (CIMC) has implemented new submission procedures to make the process more efficient.

New fast-track immigration category for applicants with Canadian experience

 the CanadaVisa Team     26 August 2008

International graduates and temporary foreign workers have established themselves in Canadian society and are well-poised to become Permanent Residents and eventually Canadian citizens. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC), a new immigration category, has been created specifically to facilitate this transition. Recognizing their Canadian education and/or work experience, the Canadian Experience Class will fast-track their Canadian immigration applications, to ensure that Canada retains these valuable contributors to the Canadian economy and work force. Under the CEC, these applicants can remain in Canada throughout the processing of their applications.

Reciprocal work permit agreements for Canadian and international youth travelers

 the CanadaVisa Team     30 June 2008

Canada's International Youth Program encourages young Canadians to travel and work abroad; to acquire the skills, training, and cultural experiences that are so valuable in Canada and in the global marketplace. Canada has coordinated reciprocal work permit arrangements with close to 40 countries in which qualifying Canadians and international youth can visit each others' countries to experience a new culture and different work environment.

Canada rolls out the mat for international students - No job offer needed for three year work permit

 the CanadaVisa Team     29 April 2008

Through recent changes to the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program, Canada has made it easier for graduating international students to obtain work permits and acquire Canadian work experience. Not only will the changes help Canada’s international student retention rate and ease current skills shortages, but they will also help these students on their way to becoming successful Permanent Residents - new immigrants who have already integrated into Canadian society thanks to the education and work experience they have obtained in Canada.

Fast-Track Option Expanded for Foreign Workers

 the CanadaVisa Team     24 January 2008

With a pressing need for skilled workers, Canada's Western provinces continue to implement new initiatives to help foreign workers get to Canada and start contributing to the labour force quickly. Human Resources and Social Development Canada (ESDC) is rolling out the welcome mat to temporary foreign workers, making the transition into the workforce easier, faster and with more protection.

New Legislation Restores Citizenship to 'Lost Canadians'

 the CanadaVisa Team     17 December 2007

Citizenship and Immigration Canada recently tabled a new bill to modernize the country's citizenship laws. New legislation will retroactively restore citizenship to the tens of thousands who lost, or never had Canadian citizenship because of several obscure clauses in existing legislation.

British Columbia Eases Requirements for Business Immigration

 the CanadaVisa Team     25 October 2007

Recent modifications to the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) make it easier for immigrants to establish new businesses in the province.

Temporary Foreign Workers in Canada on the Increase

 the CanadaVisa Team     27 July 2007

The Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program is the Canadian government's primary means of helping employers address immediate skill and labour shortages. As labour tensions continue to mount across industries, Canadian employers have been making use of this program to fill a growing number of vacant positions.

Canadian Government's New Foreign Credential Referral Office

 the CanadaVisa Team     28 June 2007

To overcome the challenges of having internationally-obtained qualifications recognized in Canada, a new government office has been established to provide support services to newcomers as they navigate the credential recognition process.

North American Companies are Looking Overseas for Information Technology Talent

 the CanadaVisa Team     22 May 2007

According to a recent study by consulting firm Deloitte and Touche LLP, many North American CEO’s are having trouble finding IT workers and are looking to foreign skilled workers to staff their organizations.